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Book Review: Seeking Unseen, by Kat Heckenbach

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since this book was released. Released in 2012, that makes it seven years to be exact. I haven’t done justice to some of my writing friends by putting off reading their books, but I’ve recently made a commitment not only to read more, but to purpose to read more of those books I should have made time for long ago.

Finding AngelKat’s books are at the top of my list, as someone who has poured a lot into me professionally. I read and reviewed the first book in her Toch Island series, Finding Angel, way back in 2013. This morning, (having reread Angel over the summer) I finally finished the second book. I’ll have to put a book or two between this one and the third, but I’m determined to finish this series within the next few months.

I’ve also been notoriously critical in most of my reviews. Since 2013, I’ve sort of mellowed in this department. I reread my review of Angel and cringed a little. Maybe I was too critical. Upon my second reading, I’ll gladly take most of that back. Continue reading “Book Review: Seeking Unseen, by Kat Heckenbach”

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Be an Innovator. Not an Imitator.

History is full of innovators…people who saw beyond what box surrounded them and stepped out to dream of something new. It’s surprisingly easy to be an innovator, really. All you have to do is take something that’s familiar, look at it from a new angle, and then change it into something amazing.

Rather, I should say the theory of being an innovator is surprisingly simple. It’s actually making it happen that’s the hard part.

But should that stop us from trying? Absolutely not. We should be constant innovators of our lives. We should evaluate who we are and what we’re becoming, and find ways to innovate ourselves and our circumstances.

Continue reading “Be an Innovator. Not an Imitator.”