Hello reader.

I applaud you on your curiosity. You are reading this, most likely, because you read a blog article or clicked another such link someone shared from my website. But then a remarkable thing happened…your insatiable desire to know more led you to click the “Reset” button. Or maybe I, or some other fantastic soul, gave you the direct link to this website, with which you purposefully clicked or typed into your browser to follow without need of an alluring article to attract your attention. Either way, you have arrived here, where we can now talk.

Welcome, fellow inquisitor, imagineer, and creator of fantastical things!

I do not name you such lightly. The most creative force in the universe saw fit to create you in his own image. That makes you a creator, too. We were all designed to inspect and discover the intricacies of creation, to imagine our own amazing concoctions, and to use whatever tools we need to see those new wonders come into being. We all create…and if you don’t, well, I’m certain that reading this sparks within you a deep longing to do so. It is, without a doubt, how you and I were designed.

I won’t keep you much longer. After all, if your inquisitiveness brought you to read this far, then it’s high time you took note of the strangely acronymed menu selection above. If you are looking for blog articles…they’re there. If you’re looking for the things that I write…they are there, too. If you want to investigate various ways of contacting me or connecting with me through social media…well, you get the idea.

Thank you for the conversation. I look forward to chatting with you in the future. Until then, I will leave you to your exploration.


-Oliver D. King

Winter by Oliver D. King is chilling, mysterious, and downright scary, but completely possible. You not only read about Winter’s spiritual journey, but you see, believe, and struggle together with her.

Pete Turner

Winter has captivated me in a way no other book has in a very long time. It is a riveting, page-turning journey of self-understanding and coming-to-grips with letting go and letting God work in and through the life of Winter Maessen. The plot is rich and suspenseful and the characters seem so real, you find yourself immersed in the articulately woven tapestry of the story.

Hope Hogan