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I am a production company…

produceThe writing industry is changing every day, and many people aren’t sure what to do next. The waves of change are beating upon us and no one knows which way is up. But I think I’ve figured out how to better orient ourselves, and I challenge authors and publishers to consider this and to get on board with this new way of thinking. I, for one, am ready to make the change.

It begins with the music and movie industries. I’ve made the parallel between the music and movie industries and the future of the writing industry before. But I’ve been thinking a little more practically about such things recently, and I’ve decided that in light of the obvious parallel’s there’s something we’ve been missing in our approach to the writing industry.

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My writing journey, Writing Tips

The future of indie writing…

imsoindieI’ve been drawing the comparison between the music industry and the writing industry for years. In fact, I even blogged about it earlier this year. Recently, I’ve also been watching a little of the movie industry for trends. It has been my observation that the writing industry is about 2-5 years behind the music industry in its development, and now I think I can also say that the music industry is likewise 2-5 years behind the movie industry.

What does that mean? It means if one wants to gaze into the future of the writing industry, one need only study the trends of the music and movie industries.

I recently ran across an article discussing the difficulties of indie music artists of breaking through the glass-ceiling into big industry presence. This has been a hot button topic among indie writers lately, what the relationship to indie publishers and self-publishing really is, and how will all of this play out in the shadow of the larger mega publishers. I think this article can shed some light on where the writing industry is headed.

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I know some writers out there who are not familiar with the music industry lingo may find this article quite foreign and not really grasp what it’s talking about. Allow me to explain.

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